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DRC Database - a background
DRC Database is a project ran by a team of experts specialized in the laws and regulations concerning International Football. The editors have spent the last years analyzing, summarizing and – where needed – commenting all published DRC Decisions. The project started with the book ‘The Jurisprudence of the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber’, written by De Weger in cooperation with the Asser Sports Law Institute. The Weger is one of the Database’s editors. Not only does DRC Database give its users the opportunity to browse through all the relevant decisions of their search. But many of the extracts of the decisions also contain author’s notes and very useful commentaries. Therefore, DRC Database is more than just a search engine: it’s a collection of valuable information, essential for any organization dealing with employment contracts and transfers in (international) football.

DRC Database - the authors

Mr. Frans M. de Weger
Frans de Weger is an international sports lawyer. In the past he worked for the Royal Netherlands Football Association and was involved with the registration of players’ contracts as well as the legal formalities related to (international) transfers. He assisted clubs, players and agents in the field of international legal football. De Weger is specialized in (international) football law and nowadays works for the Dutch Federation of Professional Football Clubs (FBO). Frans De Weger has been appointed as CAS arbitrator. Frans de Weger can be contacted through frans.deweger@fbo.nl

Mr. Thijs Kroese
Thijs Kroese has gained experience with legal aspects regarding transfers and employment contracts of professional football players. Kroese has developed great expertise with regards to the decisions of the Dispute Resolution Chamber. Kroese works as a Sports Lawyer at Valegis Advocaten in the Netherlands (www.valegis.com). Thijs Kroese can be contacted through: t.kroese@valegis.com.

Mr. Nick Poggenklaas
Nick Poggenklaas is working as a Sports Lawyer at Van Diepen Van der Kroef Advocaten in the Netherlands (www.vandiepen.com). As such he gained experience in all kinds of legal disputes related to sports, including disputes related to employment contracts of professional football players. Nick Poggenklaas can be contacted through: n.poggenklaas@vandiepen.com.

Advisory Board

In order to remain attuned to the concerns of the sports and, particularly football, law industry, we have asked several prominent members of the community to become our Advisory Board. The distinguished backgrounds and differing perspectives of the Board members will help to ensure that we stay in touch with issues and developments affecting the business and knowledge in international sports law. Our Advisory Board consists of the following members:

Dr. Robert Siekmann
Dr. Robert Siekmann is Director of the Asser International Sports Law Centre in The Hague. He is general editor of The International Sports Law Journal (ISLJ) and of the Asser International Sports Law Series of book publications.

Roberto Branco Martins
Roberto Branco Martins is a research fellow at the T.M.C. Asser Institute in The Hague and a teacher of Labor and Sports at The University of Amsterdam. In addition, Roberto is director of Pro Agent and EFAA, a national and international advocacy group for licensed players' agents. Currently he is working on a doctoral thesis in the field of regulating professional football in the European Union. Roberto is one of the editors of the book ‘Players’ Agents Worldwide, Legal Aspects’.

Mikhail Prokopets
Mikhail Prokopets is a senior lawyer and the head of the sports law department of the law firm YUST; the official law consultant of the football union of Russia and Russian Bid committee for the FIFA World Cup 2018\2022. Mikhail is a member of the Commission on Sports Law of the Association of Russian Lawyers and the Judge of the Court of Arbitration for Sport (Moscow). As a guest specialist Mikhail reads the lecture course "Sports Law" in Moscow State Law Academy. Mikhail is an author of the book about the football agents “Football fair” and the former senior lawyer of the Football union of Russia and former member of the Russian Football Disciplinary committee.

Contact with DRC Database team

Would you like deliberations with someone of the DRC Database Team or if you would like to invite (one of) them for a presentation or lecture please send an email to info@drcdatabase.com.


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