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Subscriptions and costs

Regular Subscription
A subscription to DRC Database is € 195,- per user per year (excl VAT if and insofar as due by cause of law. This depends on your resident country and your status as private individual or business). With this subscription you have unlimited access to all available information and all functionalities. It will give you the possibility to look at all the complete summaries and commentaries of the authors and constantly updated new published decisions of the DRC. Only then you will have all the essential information and knowledge with regards to all FIFA jurisprudence and relevant commentaries. Hiring a specialist or finding it all out yourself will cost more and is time consuming. Our specialists already did the work for you and will continue to do so in the future.

Each account is for a single user and one computer at a time. For each extra user of DRC Database in a company or organization a new subscription is necessary. It is not possible for two users to work with one subscription. All login information is unique and singular usable.

Multiple users
If you want to sign up for a subscription for more than one user you can email us at Please mention in the email your company and personal information, number of users and reason for use. We will contact you within one working day.

Trial subscription
You can also register for a trial subscription to DRC Database. This account will be valid for seven days and is free of any costs. The trial subscription will not be tacitly prolonged. With this subscription you will have access to a limited amount of information of the search results. But you can search the whole database. You will get a good overview of the available information in the database. This subscription will give you the chance to get acquainted with the database and part of its content. If you want to have full access to the case numbers, articles, summaries and commentaries you will have to enlist for a regular subscription.

Deviated prices
Persons who or institutions that are of the opinion they can be considered as potential subscribers for deviated prices can contact For example, students can contact the members of DRC Database in order to discuss the possibilities with regard to deviated prices and for a shorter period of time.

If you have any questions regarding the costs, subscription and procedures you can contact us by email at

Terms and conditions

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Privacy Policy

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