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BMDW Advocaten is the Legal Partner of DRC Database. BMDW Advocaten is a boutique law firm specialised in (inter)national sports law, with a particular focus on football. BMDW has a great deal of experience in the legal guidance of (inter)national football transfers and (inter)national dispute resolution within football. The firm’s expertise on both the sector and the applicable, complex legislation and regulations governing football contribute to BMDW’s fast, decisive and high-quality services. Website: Email:

T.M.C Asser Institute

In 1965 the T.M.C. Asser Institute was founded by the law faculties of the Dutch universities. Since its foundation, the T.M.C. Asser Institute has developed into a leading academic inter-university institute in the broad field of International Law. Recognized nationally and internationally as a dynamic and proactive organization, the T.M.C. Asser Institute is, first and foremost, the professional, Hague-based, inter-university research centre facilitating and contributing to research in the fields of Public and Private International Law and European Law.

The Asser International Sports Law Centre

Sports law is a fast expanding and developing area of legal debate and inquiry. Sports law is essentially an applied area of law, with sport the context within which the law operates, and it potentially includes the whole spectrum of traditional legal scholarship.

The so-called Asser International Sports Law Project originated from the Asser Round Table Sessions that were held in the beginning of 1996 on the Bosman case. Since then international sports law has developed into one of the main areas of research within the T.M.C. Asser Institute’s research program.

On 1 January 2002 the Project was converted into a Centre within the framework of the T.M.C. Asser Institute for international law. The mission of the Asser International Sports Law Centre is to provide a centre of excellence in particular by providing high quality research, services and products to the sporting world at large (sports ministries, international – intergovernmental – organizations, sports associations and federations, the professional sports industry, etc.) on both a national and an international basis.

Please contact for further information on the Centre, the Asser International Sports Law Series, ISLJ and seminars and conferences organized by the Centre: Dr Robert Siekmann (Director) at or go to


Jurisprudence of the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber

This book addresses the most important judicial aspects in relation to the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber (DRC), as well as the different categories of disputes, inter alia, the termination of player contracts, the amount of compensation, sporting sanctions, training compensation and the solidarity mechanism. The DRC was established in 2001 by FIFA for the purpose of resolving disputes regarding the international status and transfer of players. Since then the DRC has developed into a major and influential alternative resolution body, with an impressive and ever-increasing caseload. In this updated and revised Second Edition the most important decisions of the DRC as of the date of its establishment in 2001 until 2016 are analysed. It is a reference work for those with a legal and financial interest in professional football, such as lawyers, agents, managers and administrators, but is also aimed at researchers and academics. Michele Bernasconi, Attorney-at-law in Zurich, Switzerland, Arbitrator at CAS and President of the Swiss Sports Law Association provided a foreword for the book. For further information, see: