About us

DRC Database is a project ran by a team of experts specialized in the laws and regulations concerning International Football. The project started with the book ‘The Jurisprudence of the FIFA Dispute Resolution Chamber’, written by Mr Frans de Weger in cooperation with the Asser Sports Law Institute. Mr Frans de Weger is currently still active at the Database. Not only does DRC Database give its users the opportunity to browse through all the relevant decisions of their search. But many of the extracts of the decisions also contain author’s notes. Therefore, DRC Database is more than just a search engine: it’s a collection of valuable information, essential for any organization dealing with employment contracts and transfers in (international) football.

Mr Nick Poggenklaas

Nick Poggenklaas is working as a sports lawyer at BMDW Advocaten in the Netherlands (www.bmdw.nl) As such he gained experience in all kinds of legal disputes related to sports, including disputes related to employment contracts of professional football players, disputes involving football intermediaries and disciplinary issues.

Nick Poggenklaas can be contacted through: np@bmdw.nl


Mr Arne Al

Arne Al is a sports law lawyer at BMDW Advocaten in the Netherlands (www.bmdw.nl) and specialises in (inter)national dispute resolution within football, with a special focus on the collection of outstanding payments, in particular FIFA procedures in front of the FIFA DRC and PSC. In addition, Arne Al provides legal assistance with (international) transfers including contract negotiations, the drafting of transfer and representation agreements, employment contracts and termination agreements.

Arne Al can be contacted through: aa@bmdw.nl

Contact with DRC database team

Would you like deliberations with someone of the DRC Database Team or if you would like to invite (one of) them for a presentation or lecture please send an email to info@drcdatabase.com.